Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Daddy’s boy

My husband has a new job after that Fishing ban here in GSC (t’was a long wait btw)… However, new job means new place too.

My hubby is assigned in Tacloban City but his area (since he is into sales) covers some part of Samar, Negros, and Cebu… We are not moving in with him yet… He still has to establish his work, then maybe we move in or he can opt for a reassignment here. The later is what we are hoping…

Anyway, kids know about this new job and they are anxious. They do not want Dada to work far. This is all the more heartbreaking for Zoe…

The moment he learned about this… this was what he said:


Zoe: NO!!! I don’t want you to work far Dada… (sobbing)… Only mama can work far not you.



So he rather wants me to be away than his dad. Got mix-emotion here. Sad smileConfused smileBroken heart

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  1. that is being mean to your mum, Zoe! am sure when mum works far you will definitely miss her much...i hope your dada can work out something so he won't have to work far is lonely when you only see you dad a once or twice in a week, which is what happens at home :(

    thanks for joining K.I.D + looking forward to reading your entry next week! Cheers! ~ Jared


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