Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Angry Birds


I have no story that befits the Halloween season… My hubby and I share the same conviction over this matter…so we do not encourage our children to participate in any of the activities.

But here is my entry for this week…

Zoe is one of the kids who are (alright, It’s hard to swallow this word) “crazy” over angry birds. He is so persistent in asking us to buy him Angry bird toys.

He has been persuading his dada since time immemorial… I could no longer remember if it was last summer. Zoe normally asks his dad for his stuffs…he seldom comes to me and asks me for toys or anything.

But today is an exception…

Zoe: Mama… can you please buy me “Angry bird” toys.

Me: Nope… I don’t like to buy “angry” bird toys (with the emphasis of the word “Angry”)

Zoe: Oh! There’s a happy bird. You can buy happy bird.


Entry for: K.I.D., Kids In Doodles


  1. at least you've got an alternative - a happy bird :D

    am not into this game either + mum does not encourage buying the stuffs too, they're too violent for her taste...

    thanks for joining K.I.D.! ~ Jared

  2. Haha, he's so funny!thanks for sharing, sis! i was halfhearted about celebrating Halloween this year after listening to an enlightening sermon.I wanted my kids to have fun like everyone else but i was torn. in the end, we were not able to go because of my back pain. things were made easier for me to decide.Have a great week. sorry for the late KID visit and post.

  3. haha! funny! onga naman, there's a happy bird!
    honestly I haven't seen that game (believe it or not). And I don't plan showing it to my kids. coz if I do that, I won't be able to blog anymore!hehe..

  4. We have the same sentiments about halloween and we don't observe it at home. :) I wasn't really happy about the angry birds as well, but hubby being a gamer bought them the birds and there, they're quite content playing with them but not anymore...-Mirage

  5. heehe..cute conversation..
    from KIDS..


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