Monday, November 16, 2009

Zoe's Schmooze

Zoe is becoming chatty. He surprises me with his ad-libs, wisecracks, and  schmooze. Here are some of his statements, phrases, and words.

"I like this."

"Are you workin?"


"That's bad!"

"I love me."

"My butt! My butt!"

"Text Dada, buy bread!"

"Not sharing!"


"Bite ya!"

"Buzz Lightyah!"

"Im Dada"

"Zo-zo's fine."

"Name is Zoe."


"Stay there!"

"Go home."


"ah buy candy." [ah means i'll]

"Dada work."

"Make pee"

"Make popo"

"a one, two, nine, ten"  [or one, two, six, seven, eight, nine, ten]

"Bopen, paper, write Zo-zo"

"watch bumbum bee"

"what's that"

"Ewww... eww-we! YUCK!"

"I go"

"Dada's upset...Zo-zo's upset."

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