Saturday, October 24, 2009

Move Feet

Yup you heard it right! Move Feet. Is it a sequel of Happy Feet? Nope! It is not. Though my son loves watching Happy Feet. Move feet is the phrase that Zoe constantly whines about when he is about to sleep at night. 

You see, Zoe has this sleeping habit. He habitually tucks his feet under any parts of my body. Sometimes he inserts his feet under my legs, or back or when I'm lying down on my tummy.

He cries when you won't allow him to place his feet, and his hands too, under my body. This sometimes becomes irritating. So Zoe and I, or sometimes John, would wrestle. He couldn't sleep if he cant tuck his feet in but I cant sleep too when his feet are underneath. Tsk! This is some kind of a torture for me. But well... he does win all the time.

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