Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Why Spank.

Zoe was really crying at the same time asking " Why spank? Mama Why spank?" the midst of his crying, he was also asking in his broken voice "Why Spank?" He is maybe really smart... At his age 2 years and 4 days...he can audibly ask questions, make funny remarks and quite advance psychomotor skills.

Why did i spank him? Aside from all his advance skills and capabilities... he is also naughty. It is cute but little as he is, he is not excuse to be naughty despite it appears cute. Zoe has to learn to behave appropriately... tantrums, though (again) he looks cute whenever he does things, is not cute at all. He needs to be corrected if telling him won't work the rod serves as the final notice of his behavior. I am a firm believer of Psalms 13:24 that says:

"He who spares the rod hates his son, but he who loves him is careful to discipline him."

I wrote the three major rules in our house in one of my blogs. You can click it here. Violating those rules has a consequence. Minor offenses get verbal warnings, if the kids won't heed the warnings, they get grounded.

We apply those rules to Zoe. He gets two swats on his buttocks if he breaks the rule. Good thing he got fleshy buns. LOL. And like I said in my other blog. It is really hard to discipline your kids because my heart is aching as I implement the consequences. If John does it... It is also hard to listen to the sound of the swat.

Last night when he was spank. He asked not because he did not understand but because he just do not want to be spanked. Who wants it anyway? He knows when he is going to get rod. With Zoe, he gets the warning first, making sure he knows what he is doing and what is coming if he pushes it.

Rest assured that my kids were not larruped. Beating them are different with the whipping that we imposed. For sure also that there are a lots of christian literature that supports the idea of the rod. And our rod is a foot and a quarter long including the handle and a 1.25 inch width at least.

Our Rod has a Sticker that serves as a reminder. I also found this Online which is very similar to the "How To Spank" in our rod.
  • Have the child tell you the reason they are being punished.
  • Parent should wait one minute between each swat.
  • Apply no more than 5 swats per day.
  • Spank only on the rump.
  • Child must be wearing clothes.
  • Use force sufficient only to get the child's attention.
  • Support child's torso so no stress can be placed on their spine.
But to add those how-to above... Comfort the child immediately after spanking. Do not make him feel rejected. Hold him/ her close and reassure him/ her of your love.

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