Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Zoe's Alouette

Zoe loves to watch Barney and Sesame Street... and Animal Planet. He loves stuff toys too. Like most little children, Zoe likes to repeat things and never gets tired of watching his favorite videos. Last week and [sigh] this week, we have to keep playing this specific scene of Barney, singing Alouette. Poor DVD, it has been abused again. LOL. Here is the video of Alouette. And of course below the video is the translation of it.

English Translation: Alouette means "Lark", so you will find it is much harder to sing this song in English since "lark" has only one syllable, while Alouette has four. The song is actually about "plucking" the feathers (plumage) from a lark, presumably in preparation for cooking. A lark is considered to be a small "game bird" (a game bird is a bird considered to be suitable for food, like the coot, dove, grouse, hazel hen, mud hen, partridge, pigeon, plover, quail, rail, snipe, thrush, and woodcock).

Lark, nice Lark (or Lark, lovely Lark)
Lark, I am going to pluck you
I am going to pluck your head,
I am going to pluck your head,
And the head, and the head,

All the verses are the same except the part of the body.
The usual ones are
La tete - the head
Le nez - the nose
Les yeux - the eyes
Le cou - the neck
Les ailes - the wings
Le dos - the back
Les pattes - the legs
Le queue - the tail

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