Monday, June 8, 2009

Oh my slippers!

Zoe is just a year old and 10 months...but he speaks clearly and converses well. For his age he expresses himself clearly...

Just today, when he saw his slippers in the corner of our doorpost, he exclaimed "Oh my slippers" with a hint of worry in his voice...

I was elated deep inside hearing him burst those words out loud. My Zoe is growing fast...there is no stopping.

Lately also, he wailed every time his Dada goes to work. when he sees John dressing up for work...he began throwing tantrums and cried "". It's a heartbreaking sight to see Zoe plead and broken. He really dreads seeing John all ready for work and leave. He has been acting this way since John arrived from his business trip- it was a long wait for Zoe. Now, he doesn't want his Dada leave.

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