Friday, June 26, 2009


Zoe has moods. He is really the little man in the house... and I can't help enjoying the moment but in a discreet manner. I just do not want him to get used to the attention. Though sometimes he feels there is a pair of watchful eyes around him... and he plays pretend whenever he is feeling some audience. Kids know. They even understand that adults are talking about them.

One time at lunch, John and I were talking about Zoe...but of course we do not namedrop especially if kids are around. John and I have codenames for them and for the kiddie stuff so they would not know when discussion is necessary and if they are around. And so, Morse coding in our talks...we saw Zoe's eyes light up. He knew we were talking about him and he felt that we have a surprise for him. We just went laughing seeing his expressions and how he had been acting after.

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