Sunday, July 5, 2009

Stay here...stay there...

Zoe is very attached to his dad. He whines every time John goes away from home, either for work or some errands.

Lately, Zoe did something funny. He could already sense that Dada was about to leave. So he ran towards our bedroom door and told John "Stay Here!" ... then after he said that he zoomed towards our main door, slammed it and locked the knob... and shouted "Stay There! Stay there!!!"

Zoe used to plea to his dad... he tearfully say "No Dada! No!" with a voice so helpless. Zoe is the only one who is like that. Our two older kids had never been fussy or whatsoever every time John or even myself would go out from the house. Both Jason and Yanni were sang-froid... assure that no matter, we will always come back for them.

I wonder how we would deal with Zoe... He is really attached not just to John but even to his older brother.... Zoe is simply different. Kids, no matter how much they are alike in some of their mannerism but their individuality still dominates. In the case of Zoe, he really does not like to be left behind by John or his Kuya.

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