Monday, November 21, 2011

Christmas Balls & Zoe

Alright… our christmas tree is all set… but that’s only with the decors and lights…no gifts being wrapped yet. Knowing Zoe, it is a bad idea to display the gifts.

I tried talking to Zoe about wrapping empty boxes to complete our christmas tree…but he strongly disagreed with the idea… “That’s cheating mama” he said.

As a christmas tradition in the family, everyone participated in putting up the christmas tree. The kids and I decorated the tree with the ornaments… Oh! btw, every year, we would buy new set of decoration for our tree… this year we decided to get anything silver… My hubby installed the lights.

Zoe was really ecstatic about it… One time (after the set up), my hubby caught him talking to the christmas balls…

Zoe: hey! did you eat lunch already?  Open-mouthed smile

My hubby is a bit bothered. But I told him, I  was kinda like that when I was a kid. I talked to things not just my toys. So, he has nothing to worry about. hahah.






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  1. wow, christmas is really in the air, right? glad you have the tree fixed up!

    zoe is just sooo cute, + is way too concern about the christmas balls, too :P

    thanks for joining K.I.D, looking forward to reading your entry for this week:) ~ Jared

  2. Kids really appreciates things that are bright and looks nice. We don't have Christmas tree at home now because I don't feel putting up one since we are going away for the holiday.
    Visiting from KID, here's mine:


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