Monday, August 1, 2011


This event happened a few weeks back… I just could not find time to blog this episode due to having so many hats to wear every single day…
Anyway, here’s the story.

One time, Zoe went out with his aunt aka timyta. She visited her colleague and she tagged Zoe with her. This colleague of hers has a daughter (she’s about Zoe’s age)
My son who was trying to be friendly spoke with her… but then the girl ignored him. Zoe tried to connect with her, asked her questions but she brushed him aside. Perhaps this is because my son was talking to her using the English language… This is our medium at home.

After awhile, the girl left him in their receiving area and went inside their room. Few minutes later, she shouted for her mom… This surprised my son…
Zoe: Oh! She could talk.
Rolling on the floor laughing

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