Monday, June 20, 2011


Premise: I believe in the principle of tithing. God is faithful with His promise. As I bring my tithes, I'm confident He'll deliver.
Yesterday was of course a Sunday… and I was not only cheerful but also excited to give my tithes.
Scene: Bedroom ready for siesta.
Me: (talking out loud) Lord open the FLOODgates of heaven, & fill my bag with cash.
Zoe: (lying down on the bed with me) No Mama, fill it with water.

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  1. lols... that was cute :)
    visiting thru <a href=">Kids in Doodles</a>

  2. oo nga naman... literally... your kid is a smart one! visiting your KID entry! hope you can drop by mine too!

  3. hahaha! water nga naman. smart kid!
    Here is my kids in doodles entry.

  4. i can very much relate to daughter is basically as literal in taking things as your baby:)
    here's mine:


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