Thursday, February 11, 2010


I am a what you call “stay-at-home” mom… forgive me for coining words as such. And, today… I just can’t help admire my children, especially Zoe. I have not watched closely my two older children since I had been working while they were growing… but with Zoe… I am mostly around him 24/7… I can count with my fingers the occasion when I had to leave him in the care of my mother or my husband… that was when my oldest son got operated on with his congenital heart disease… I had to be in the hospital 8-12 hours taking care of Jason… then another occasion was last October 2009, I had to visit an old friend who came all the way from Germany… So I was away from home for three days. 

Other than those occasions… I am always with Zoe… In fact, I had breastfed him for a year and six months too… the longest breastfeeding I did… the two older siblings lasted only for 5 months.

Anyway… back to Zoe… this week I heard him say… Never mind…one time he inquired…What happened Mama? Are you hurt? What are you cooking? I’m going to KCC {the mall here in our place}. He is inevitably growing… and learning a lot… and is beginning to reason out… insist his preference… but at night… he would always say “I’m a baby” to be able to get what he wanted--- that is to tuck his feet and hands underneath my body.
I wish I can freeze time and let him be this 2 years old boy. But everyday I can’t help but watch him grow.

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