Saturday, June 2, 2012

Black Brown

Though kids' remark can make them appear soooo cute...but there are times that their comments are blatantly sharp...from cute to acute (as ptr. ferdie put it) here's one from Zoe... it's bathing time for him...and the nanny's trying to assist him... He was shoving her...shouting not to touch him.

Zoe: no no no ,Ate... Don't touch me...i can bathe myself...don't touch me.
Nanny: Why?
Zoe: because if you touch me...i'll turn black like you.

(@.@) naman! The argument continued but rest assured Zoe was corrected...and we told him Ate is not black... we showed him the difference of black and brown... though he no longer insisted about her being black..but still he doesn't want her to touch him otherwise he'll turn brown like the nanny... this vanity needs to be cut ASAP.

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