Sunday, April 3, 2011

Zoe’s Innocuous Remarks

It’s summer… and my kids love outdoor… so one thing that is NOT cool with summer is the pediculosis capitis… aka “you-know-what-already”.

I’m sorry but I rather wanna use the scientific name of that “thing” because pediculosis is horrible and unspeakable. Although, that has been managed now… here is one conversation we had while we were trying “to manage” it.

Me: Zoe, if there’s a monkey here right now… he’s gonna jump on you… and eat these “you-know-what-already”.

Zoe: No!!! Monkeys only eat banana.

Me: No! They like to eat this “you-know-what-already”. The monkeys only eat banana when there are no “you-know-what-already”. So they’ll gonna get these “you-know-what-already” from your head and eat them.

Zoe: NO!!! Dada did not eat them.

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