Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Another Funny Moment With Zoe

My husband grewDSC_0682 up in a home wherein the first language used is English. Having kids of his own, he adheres to that practice. Our kids are taught to communicate using the English language. All of my kids’ cousins in the paternal side speak English, so we foresee no problems. However, my relatives are not comfortable using English language as a form of communication… My mother who is now living with me speaks vernacular. So some Cebuano terms were caught by Zoe… and he tried using the term one time. Take note, Zoe who is three years old has no idea what is Cebuano or what is English…
Zoe: (speaking Cebuano; I forgot the word)
Me: Zoe, Speak English
Zoe: I speak English (with a straight face)

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