Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Random Episodes with Zoe Part 1

Dada Powder Episode

One time, John was drying up Zoe after his morning bath. Like any toddlers… we dab his body with baby powder…

John: c’mon Zo… let’s place some baby powder on your back.

Zoe: baby powder? dada powder… mama powder.




Zoe’s our youngest… and though he is already two years old… We still endear him “baby”.

But then one time [again] John told Zoe that he is no longer a baby…

Zoe: NO… Zoe’s a baby. I'm a baby.

John: No, you’re not. You are a toddler. Baby’s crawl… You can walk already

Zoe: No… not a “daddler”, Zoe’s a baby.

This little “barneying” of John and Zoe continues every now and then, just to mess around Zoe. So, one day…as the footling went on…Zoe quickly went on his knees and started crawling.

Zoe: See? I’m a baby.

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