Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Made It!

Potty training... is demanding to some extent. Parents need patience to successfully make it with their child until the kid forms it a habit to sit simply on the potty whenever he needs to pee poo or poo pee...

Zoe is still a year old, 11 months, 3 weeks and 3 days today... and we made him sit on the potty and he successfully made poo. For 2 weeks, we accompanied him to pee but still could not poo in his potty. He calls any one of us whenever he needs to pee and... we rush to the bathroom and he takes a leak there. But tonight, he did call me and he told me he wanted to poo. So i brought him along and stayed with him, him sitting on his potty and me on the bowl. After a few minutes... Zoe made it.

I was really happy... so proud of my youngest child who is also willing to be trained like his older siblings. It maybe a little late for him compared to his "kuya jason" and "ate yanni" but we are happy of his progress.

We know kids have different respond to developmental stages so we always appreciate each one of them of their strength and congratulate them of their success. We encourage them whenever they need a little push when faced with difficullty.

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