Saturday, March 7, 2009

Zoe's Vocabulary 101

Zoe learns to syllabicate early. He mumbles and get the sound right. Like for instance, he would say "mulk" for milk, "Emo" for Elmo of Sesame street. He also says "hod" for "hold" or "tam" for "come". His first sentence was "Ahwantwan" which means "I want one". This was when he was just a year and 4 months. Last Feb. 10, 2009, his first clear sentence was "Mama, I fart" (ewe, oh!?) That was cute and so hilarious.

He first two imitated phrases was "Deal or No Deal" and "Hep Hep Hurray". And went like this "diw or no diw" {all short /i/} and "hep hep ohray".

Then, three days ago, he finally said "I want milk". And my eyes went wide. In disbelief and of course in excitement. Zoe still mumbles things. Like his "bonk" would mean he got hit. He goes and say "Mama, I bonk" and that would mean "Mama I got hit".

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