Thursday, March 19, 2009

Pick Up Truck

Zoe loves match-box or hot wheels. One time in Manila, we took him to toy kingdom. Then John brought him to the hot wheels section, when Zoe saw them all, he genuinely said “WOW! Wow!”. Then John led him and allowed him to get his hotwheels... Each hand got one piece. His right hand took the red pick up truck while on his left hand was the black and red race car. Zoe loves those toys and he consistently plays with it. Every time he sees those toys, he has the same enthusiasms playing with it.

One time before the kids go to bed, we all knelt down and pray. Each of them started their own prayer, Zoe is already joining his siblings... he knelt down, hands clasped together and eyes closed, the he said, “Jesus.. [speaking three syllables of his own language, then say] P”TRUCK... amen. Yeheey!” I was about to burst into laughter but i tried hard to hold it.

Well, yes...he did pray for a pick up truck and for a kid his age... 1 year old and 7 months or less that time, it is indeed very obsequious or gratifying for me to see my kid doing amusing yet not so ordinary things.

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