Friday, March 6, 2009

Let There Be Zoe

I have a son, a year old and almost 8 months now, He is the youngest, and he has a brother 10 years old and a sister 8 years old. And his moniker is Zoe... obviously the meaning of that name is “God-kind of Life”. He is given that name because he was struggling for life when he was in my womb. We almost lost him when he was just three months inside, i got bedrest from then on until I birthed him last July 17, 2007 by caesarean section (oh, my two other kids too). Many had reacted on his first name, Jakob, because they said it has a negative meaning which is “To Succeed” or “To supplant”. If that is the case then how come many moms chose it, the name James has the same meaning too? But as a mom, i believe that my Jakob will make God proud of him. He will succeed in being God’s ambassador because as a mom, i will do my responsibility to the best i can in molding him as a child after God’s own heart. His second name is Zuriel because God was and is and will be our Rock. Our family’s story has proved God’s faithfulness. And my kids will live up a life full of trust to God.

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